The Way Life Is - A Great Read

by Bob

The book, besides being a good read, forces one to come to grips with life's tragedies and trials, tribulations, which one never asks for. But all the same, one must confront, cope, and deal with the “challenges.”

It is a positive spin to use the word “challenges” when one wants to use other words, like “horrors of life” instead.

What a lot the family has gone through… The book is wonderful and I am passing on the information to all that I have come in contact with in the past and the present because I think it is important for anyone who deals with PWS people to read your book.

Thanks a million for putting your life into print. The rest of society really does need to know The Way Life Is because a great deal of them honestly do not have a clue.

The Way Life Is was such an inspiring story. I love the way Rick Johnson writes, and the truth and honesty behind his story is so touching. I would love to read a sequel if one ever comes to be...hint hint.

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Oct 01, 2015
Thank you Bob
by: Anonymous

Just a small note to thank you for your comments on The Way Life Is. I have always intended to do a follow-up because so much has happened since the book came out but, alas... other things always seem work their way up the priority list... The way life is, I suppose.
Thanks again.

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