What is ghost writing?

What is ghost writing? No, it is not a new genre, or something written by ghosts, and it is not writing that no one can see, which wouldn’t make much sense would it?

The person who has written a book but is not the stated author is a "ghost" writer... an unseen writer.

Who hires a ghost writer?

Anyone from Joe Bloe at the corner coffee shop to some very well-known, well-educated and articulate people who may or may not have “authored” one or more books themselves, can hire a behind-the-scenes assistant.

People hire “Caspers” because: 
• They don’t have time to write themselves. 
• They want to put the best possible face on a job they don’t feel confident doing themselves. 
• It is just about paid labour (and talent). People who may be short on time or talent but have money hire a "ghost" to do the work.

What does such a writer actually do?

A ghost writer may be able to do it all: research a project idea, prepare notes and outlines, write, rewrite, and polish. Or, he/she might be paid for performing just some of these tasks, such as an extensive rewrite and/or edit of the original manuscript, which needs a lot of work.

Bottom line?

Rather than wait until you have the time, talent or tenacity to write your book or finish your… so far… going-nowhere attempts, just hire a ghost writer to get it done!

However, once that is done, essentially the book is still yours and you can put your own name on it, but all the other things you need to do as an author still apply. The editing is just as important as the writing, no matter who actually put pen to paper. You and your ghost still must get the words right, which includes giving all the elements of writing their due, from grammar and vocabulary to dialogue and diction.

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