Editing is ALWAYS necessary

Suggesting that editing is just as important as writing, if not more important, well-known Canadian writer Pierre Burton apparently once suggested that to create a good book you first write it as it comes to you… and then you edit, edit, edit!

While your writer’s eyes were focused on the creative process of building images that created the story, the editor ensures that that is, indeed, what is clearly happening, and that the readers’ eyes will be fixed to the page from cover to cover. Your editor is your first and most important reader.

Cousin George cannot do your editing!

Even though Cousin George was once a school teacher or CEO of his own company, he is not the guy to edit your work. Editors specialize in language only, whether that language is used in a resume, a cover letter for a resume, your company’s annual report, a marketing brochure, newsletter, novel, website, or anything in between. Whatever your writing project, a professional editor is a better choice over Cousin George, or anyone else, to polish the text.

Writers love their work more than anyone else. They sweat blood to get it right. But consider that if you have spent months, or even years working on your manuscript, it can become difficult to see it with an objective eye. You start to see the forest and miss the trees, or the reverse. You have come to the point where fresh professional and experienced eyes need to take over.

When you hand Final Copy Editorial Services your project, large or small, you are, in fact, giving the work sober second thoughts, not only through a fresh set of eyes, but also through professional lenses that are expertly attuned to word usage, grammar, structure, and flow. Your editor will eliminate repetition and redundancy and make sure your message is clear and concise. 

Save your company time and money

If you are in business you've worked hard to be recognized as knowledgeable and professional in your field. Your marketing materials are designed to convey an image that will gain the trust of your customers and tell them that you know what you're doing. Simple spelling errors, inconsistent facts and faulty grammar reflect on the quality of the work you do. Shoddy language suggests shoddy work, or tells readers that inaccuracies and mistakes don't really matter to you. Perhaps you’ve already had to make last-minute corrections and reprint and resend corrected documents. It happens more than you think.

 Errors and omissions in any writing, editing or proofreading of your letters, newsletters and reports can diminish your company's image and jeopardize your credibility. Meticulous language, on the other hand, reflects the scrupulous care you provide to clients and customers.

 A professional editor can also help you by overseeing special writing and marketing projects. When you have no staff dedicated to such projects, a professional editor can save you time and money by coming on board as needed to oversee the project from beginning to end. An editor can also augment existing staff when an important deadline looms.

Communicate effectively regardless of your audience

Every author needs an editor to ensure that all his or her ideas and images, the essence of that formal letter, story, article, or book are presented in the best possible way for communication with the intended audience. Thousands of words piled one upon another for endless pages do not often make a good book, but in tandem the writer and editor can ensure that the author’s intentions are fulfilled, that the readers’ needs are met, and that the hoped-for market is reached.

 Furthermore, an experienced editor will not only increase the chances of your book being accepted by a publisher, but also increase its chances of being purchased by prospective readers after it is published.

Final Caution!

Know what level of editing your piece needs before you hire an editor. Does it require substantive editing, copy editing, proofreading, or a complete rewrite? You don’t want to pay for more than you need.

 On the other hand, don’t skimp! There’s a saying that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. The same is true of editing. Don’t try to save time or money by skipping the editing process or, just as bad, getting Cousin George to do it. Is your project a formal letter that needs to be just right, or maybe a simple letter that you are not comfortable with because English is your second language. Perhaps it’s a personal memoir, the next great novel, or a first-hand, non-fiction account of your travels through Morocco. Whatever the case, hire an editor!