Easter did not happen...

by Gerald R Collins
(Long Beach California )

This is a story of a boy growing up in Ireland, the son of a wealth tin miner. The boy and his family each year going to the faire in Northern Ireland. The story recounts the events each year until he is of age. But, unknown to the boy is he is always watchful eye and protected by an unseen or heard of body guard who makes sure that certain people come into the life of the boy as he grows up. He is introduced to the future king of Ireland as a young boy and each year at the faire they get to re-new their friendship. When finally the sister of the future king goes off to fight the Romans and all things take a turn as he becomes of age.
The future king and the young boy each receive a sword from the ruling kind of Ireland.
Returning from the last faire the young man is sent on a secret mission to the middle East where the tin from the tin mines is being used. He sails on one of the ships owned by the minister of mines of the central Roman government,he remains at all time under the watchful eye of the unseen body because of who he is among the secret society of tin miners.
The young man stops off in Rome before going onto the Middle East, while he there, he goes to the Roman senate and witnesses the trial of the captured King of England and hears the famous record speech in his own defense. The king is put under house arrest.
While witnessing the trial he thinks he sees the sister of the future king of Ireland who was the bodyguard for the queen.
The young man travels to Jerusalem on the secret mission, arriving on the festival of the Jewish Passover. He continues to encounter per-arranged people when the trial and the death of Jesus the Christ occurs . He only years the accounts as second hand information, never encounter the Jesus. There is the death, burial and resurrection, which reveals that Easter didn't happen...
The young man returns home to England by way of Damascus where the sword he received when he was younger was made. He stops off at Rome where is encounters the sister of the future king of Ireland in the home of the king of England, who is living in his own house under house arrest. The young man realizes that he had fallen in love with the sister of the future king of Ireland.
He returns to England and marries the red headed Irish girl and they get invited to join the society of tin miners and work for their Lord as a missionary in all of England.

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