The cost of editing

Depending on a lot of factors, costs can vary. Basically, we charge flat per-word or hourly rate for resumes, simple letters or other short documents. However, if you have a book or other large manuscript that needs editing, initially, your cost with Final Copy Editorial Services is absolutely zero!

Shortly after you make contact with Final Copy Editorial Services you will get a no-cost sample edit of your work, constructive comments, and suggestions regarding style and format... and anything else we can think of that might be helpful to you.

It is best if we can have a preliminary look at the whole manuscript along with any comments you might want to include to enhance our understanding of the work and its author.

By reviewing your work and copy editing a small portion, we will get a better feel for it and for you as the author, for your style and strengths, and will be better able to decide if we can help you. This process also gives you, the author, a better feel for what you might be getting into if we should decide to work together, and if it is going to be worth the cost.

Right from the start, I prefer to build a good working relationship with authors because it's important in creating the best possible book in the end. As well, whether it’s your first book or your fiftieth, I would like to establish and maintain an ongoing and positive relationship with you.

When the sample is ready, a quote on doing the whole project will be sent to you with the sample edit, along with a timeline and payment schedule that will allow for better budgeting and planning by all concerned. You can then review what has been done and what is said about your work and decide if you want to continue a relationship with us.

A straightforward hourly rate for editing is certainly possible and may be attractive, but if you're writing a book and will be in close contact with your editor for some time, make your final decision about who to hire based on more than a mere posted hourly fee.

What you don’t want is to agree to what appears to be a very reasonable, even inexpensive rate, and find out all you’re getting for your money is someone to run your copy through their spell checker. There’s a great deal more to editing than that!

Choose the right editor at the right cost